Sunday, October 30, 2011

RIP our sweet Maggie!

It's a Dead Man's Party...who could ask for more?

Last night, Oct 29th, we had our annual Halloween Party celebrating Paul's Birthday. This year (on Halloween) he turns 37! :)
We had such a great time! We were working to get everything ready from early morning until the party started. By the time it was over, we were pooped! It was totally worth it though, and we can't wait until next year. All that I need is a bigger house, so that I can invite more people!! :)

Here are some cute 'witch hats' that we made.

...and Paul's birthday cake!

Wednesday Addams (practicing her cold stone stare)

I wanted one with a smile, and got this. Hilarious.

My handsome Popeye!

...and of course, our Astronaut!

I found Wednesday practicing her stare some more in the mirror. I, being 'Olyve Oyl'. :)

1st guests to arrive, my dad and stepmom. :)

Jai showing them the ghost in the frame...
He absolutely loves it. I hear it talking so much during the day, that I don't even notice it anymore.

Our pumpkin head, greeting our guests.

'Witch Fingers and Eyeballs'

The Box Head Family! I loved these! My brother Jody did an awesome job on these, so cute!!!
It was so funny watching them walk across the street to our house with them all on. Sad I didn't get a shot of that. 

Paul's sister Rita, and her kiddos (Christian & Desmond) came in town to surprise Paul for his birthday! We were so happy that they were here, and Jai was loving it. He loves Christian and Desmond so much. 
He always make believes that he is playing with Desmond. It's funny because he doesn't see him very much. So, he was a happy boy! :)

My mom and Larry. :)

My dad and Marsha. :)

Soooo much food! 

Cute cookies that my mom made. 

The kids held their own voting for the best adult halloween costume. Auntie Rita won with her awesome Witch outfit! :)

Eeek! I hate that this picture is sideways and I can't figure out how to flip it. haha.

We did a lot of kids games, and they won some awesome prizes. It was fun. 

My sweet little family! :)

Pauls mom, sister, and nephew! it! :)

Our haunted house!