Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Valentine's Day I wanted to do something a little different for the kiddos. I get so sick when I see all of that cheesy, ucky heart stuff and chocolates in the stores. Yuck! I wanted to make something for my little valentine's that they could have forever and cherish it more than that impersonal stuff in the stores. 
I hoped that they would like it, and I was pleasantly surprised that they LOVED them! Ever since I gave them to them, they have been carrying them around the house and sleeping with them. That makes me happy and proud that I took the time to do them. I sewed them by hand because my sewing machine was at my mom's and to be honest, I probably couldn't have even gotten the needle threaded if I did have it. Learning to use a sewing machine is on my "to do" list. 

I went to a thrift store and picked out the fuzziest most snuggly sweaters I could find. ;)

I drew a cute pattern up of a sort of bat bunny...haha. It really bothers Jai that his ear is lower on one side. That was totally intentional on my part. I like the weirdness of their shapes! :)
That was his only complaint, so that's good I suppose.

Here they are! Gracie really liked the eye on Jai's so I may do another like that for her in the future. She loves hers though because it reminds her of "Coraline"...one of her favorite movies. They were both so happy and surprised over them! 

I was so busy with them, and making everyone else's Valentine cupcakes, that I didn't have time to finish my sweetheart's gift. I'm sorry Paul! I will get to it soon, and we will celebrate a little late. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Tooth!

For those of you that haven't heard, I have started a baking business called Sweet Tooth! 
I had been excited a few months back about starting this up, but never quite found the motivation to get it going. It was a little overwhelming just thinking about it. My sister in law, Chrissy, gave me a very motivational speech one day, and from then on I've been so excited about it all. (Thanks so much for that CC!!)
I started a facebook page to spread the word, and jumped online to order some business cards. I realized that I had to start baking more to create a "portfolio" of sorts, so that people are able to see my work. I plan on taking more classes very soon, so that I can improve my skills. There are a lot of things that I have yet to learn. I'm so excited about this though. Here are some of the sweets that I've been making lately!

This is the famous carrot cake that I give my mom credit for. She came across this recipe one day and made it on my birthday. Ever since then, it's pretty much a staple at any of our birthday parties. Thanks mom! I know people are really going to love it! 

I got a few Valentine orders, and experimented with different flavors and designs. This was a carob cupcake with buttercream icing. I actually decorated this rose by accident, and loved it. It was perfect for the holiday. <3

This was a carob cupcake with peanut butter icing. My friend Stacey had ordered this for her husband, and I also made a batch for Jody per Chrissy's request. They both loved them! Oh, I have to tell a funny story!
My friend Stacey wrote me to order 6 cupcakes for her husband Erik. Erik is a personal trainer and it trying to cut weight for a fight that he is doing...and Stacey is part of a Biggest Loser contest at her school. So, they only wanted 6! I was excited to make them for him.
The next week Erik wrote me to make 6 cupcakes for Stacey!!! Haha. He also requested a caloric intake count on each cupcake. I'm thinking that I'm in trouble. They only want 6 cupcakes..and they are soon going to have 12!!! Haha. It was fun trying to keep it from each of them though. From what I understand, they were able to share with friends and co-workers, so I didn't feel so bad. 
I didn't have any luck figuring out the caloric intake though. If anyone knows how to help me with that, that would be a big help! :)

This was a white cake with key lime icing. I had never had this flavor before...but Chrissy insisted that people would love it! She was right. It was pretty awesome! :)

This was Stacey's batch of cupcakes for Erik about to head out the door! This will not be a standard package. I really liked it...but it's not "the one". Hopefully I can find a good supplier for cute containers soon. 

This past week...I made a carob chip cupcake with cream cheese icing. It was AMAZING! Seriously, I think that it was my best cupcake yet! Everyone that had one loved it (except my mom)! She's not a fan of chocolate chips.

This was an owl cake that I made for Chrissy! She loves owls! She has been such a big help with my business so far. She has the best ideas, and has sent me a lot of referrals. She has helped tremendously with the facebook page. I really appreciate it CC! I hope that you like your cute little cake! :)

This was the first official order that went out. My friend Sonya that I went to high school with contacted me and wanted a dozen vanilla cakes with vanilla icing. I was so excited! She was very happy with them, and said that they loved them! :)

This is a proof of my business card! Just for the record, if you order with Vista Print...when you choose slow shipping...it's SLOW shipping!!! I've been waiting for quite a while, but it's what I requested so they are doing a good job and fulfilling my request!! Hopefully they will look awesome, so that I won't feel so bad about it. :)

Thanks for looking! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Rita!

On Saturday, we celebrated my mother in law's birthday! We decided to do a little surprise party for her and her daughter and family came in from Richmond (secretly). Her sister also came over with her daughter. She was very surprised when she walked in and everyone came out yelling "SURPRISE"! The kids loved doing that! 
We had a great time celebrating! I snapped a few pictures (thanks Rita for reminding me). It was very nice to have Paul's sister and her kiddos here. We always love it so much when they visit, and it's never long enough. :(

This is Paul with his mom and sister! :)

The Grandbabies! We were so happy to see Desmond (far left). Usually when they come to visit..he stays with his dad the entire time and we don't get to see him. It was an extra special treat to see him and how much he's grown. He is such a kind and thoughtful young guy! 
This is Desmond, Jai, Rita, Gracie and our little Christian! :)

The kiddos getting ahold of some water guns and small toys to play with. 

This is Erin and Nena (Paul's Cousin and Aunt). Beauty runs in this family, let me tell you. I always feel so frumpy around them...haha. 


I made her a carrot cake, since she had never tried it before. Everyone loved it! Yay! 

Rita told us that she had never had a birthday party before. She was one of 14 kids, so maybe that had a bit to do with it?! But, still, that was sad to hear. I was happy that we could do it for her though. Maybe next year, we can get a lot more family members together. 

Make A Wish!!! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Order Yours Now!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes!
$1.25 each

Vegan Carob Chai (decaf) cupcake with Buttercream Icing

Vegan Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream Icing

If you would like to order cupcakes for your sweetheart for Valentine's day...send me a message at xladydayx@yahoo.com. 
Please specify how many, and which flavor you would prefer. If you have a special flavor request, I will be happy to let you know if it can be done. 

Thank you! <3