Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jai's 5th Birthday.

On Friday, Oct sweet baby Jai turned 5! He had a little party at school, with Star Wars cupcakes. I took a lot of photos on my phone that I will try to share later. Here is a photo of the cupcakes that I made. He loved them.

Today, we had a birthday party for him at my mom's. We were suppose to have it at Dan Nicholas Park, but a lot of people couldn't make it, and things just got hectic. We decided to keep it small, close to home. We had a fun time. This party was Avengers themed.

Jai loves riding his "new" Jeep that Nana & PawPaw Larry bought for him (off of CL). We usually don't have much luck on CL, but this one is like new, and runs great. He LOVES it!

We gave out peppers as party favors...haha. Larry did really well with the peppers in the garden this year. Mmmm.


We were so happy that Astoria and Krynn could make it. They welcomed a baby brother on the same day as Jai's birthday. How fun! We can't wait to meet him. 

Present time!

"Tell them thank you!"

I love this one. So sweet.

Sweet Krynn!

Thanks to everyone who came, and for the awesome gifts. We had a really great time. I'm sorry that the party was lacking...I usually do a better job with the planning, etc. :( 
Next year, hopefully life won't be so crazy and I can pull out my Martha Stewart tricks. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ashley Stone Photography.

My sweet friend Ashley Stone, of Ashley Stone Photography was SO nice to come to the hectic fair and take photos for us. We had a fun time! She brought her adorable babies with her, and they were so well behaved. Not a peep the entire time. These photos make me so happy, and Ashley...I can't thank you enough. I love, love, love them!!!