Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jai's birthday & party at Dan Nicholas Park

Jai turned 3 on Oct. 12th! We had a small party at home for him. I made his favorite (pasta) and we celebrated with a couple of small presents. We had a great time!
He kept asking us to sing to him all day. He loved it when we would sing, and he always sang along. Haha...so funny! :)

Here he is anxiously awaiting to open his presents.

This is his Buzz Lightyear shirt that Gracie gave him!
(Get ready for Toy Story overload!)

We got him a remote control "RC" car. He is OBSESSED with Toy Story...so of course it made him very happy (as you can tell)! :)

The RC car is so cute! It does tricks, and will come to you when you call his name. He's pretty awesome. I have a picture of him on the table at the birthday party at the park below.

This is one of the cupcakes that I made him. Of course, the alien from Toy Story.

Blowing out his candles!

Happy Boy!

The shelter all decorated at the party. We went to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury. I remember going to this park when I was a kid. We all had such a great time. I just wish we would have had more time. There is so many awesome things to do there from paddle boats, train, gem mine, carousel, wildlife park, petting zoo, HUGE playground, mini golf, etc.!

The cupcakes had a rough ride in the car...but they made it!

The Toy Story Gang...


Jeannie (Paul's cousin) and her daughter Caroline
My dad and my nephew Zach

Paul and Domo. :)
My niece Mary Catherine and nephew Liam

"Happy Birthday To You..."

The kiddos enjoying the wildlife park

Pretty Marley (Jai's future wife)

Gracie and Natalie (Jeannie's daughter)

Lacherie & Marley

Train Station

My brother Bryan and his family

Mandy & Marley


Part of the huge playground...

Gracie wasn't feeling well at all...but I got a smile out of her. She was getting sick with a cold. :(

My mom, stepdad, and the girls

Jai opening his presents...this one was from our friends, Amy & David (who couldn't make it)...they got him a sit n spin. He LOVES it and has been spinning away!

This is a Toy Story Lego set from Uncle Jojo, CC, Liam & Mary Catherine. So cute! :)

Toy Story Race car set from Mandy, Lacherie & Marley. He races those cars over and over and over.
Toy Story Hooded Towel. Haha...adorable!
Learn to write toy from my dad and stepmom! It was funny because my mom and stepdad also got this. It was a popular gift. It's pretty fun but he hasn't gotten the hang of it quite yet.
This was his last big present from us and my mom. It is a four wheeler powered car. Toy Story, or course. :)

Sweet goodbye kisses...haha.
My grandmother was able to come and I am so happy for that. It's not often that we are able to visit with her, and we all enjoyed her company. :)

My dad and stepmom. :)

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us! We had a great time and were happy that you could be there with us. Sorry if I didn't get a picture of anyone's gift...it was pretty chaotic at that time, so I didn't get pictures of all of them. They were all appreciated though. :)