Friday, July 30, 2010

Roller Skating...

Last Sunday was Gracie's first time roller skating. We went to a birthday party for Gracie's friend Mackenzie. She had a lot of fun! There were about 32 kids! Could you imagine throwing a birthday party with 32 kids?! Yikes. Everything went smooth though, and the party was great. By the end of the night though, I was ready to put my fist through the DJ's mouth for the music that he was playing. Totally not 8-9 year old friendly music at all!

It was so weird visiting a skating rink. I haven't been there since I was like 10 so it was pretty interesting seeing it as an adult. I know it's sad that I haven't taken Gracie there until now. You always plan to do things like that, but never seem to get around to do it until something like a birthday party happens.

I have some videos of her skating when we first got there, and some of her skating when she was completely fed up and exhausted from falling, but they won't load correctly. I felt so bad..she was in tears because her booty hurt so bad from falling. We had a good time though. In the end, her and her friends took their skates off and did some sock sliding out on the floor. I think she had more fun doing that. Haha! Practice makes perfect I suppose. :)

Beach Trip 2010..

It has been a while since I posted, partly because I can hardly stand posting on blogger. It takes so much of my time to upload on this site, and then when I do, they are never in order. Ugh! Hopefully someone will come up with a better website soon. Also, if you are keeping up with our blog...feel free to comment! It's hard to keep track of those who are coming to visit the site without them! :)

We went to the beach a few weeks ago! We enjoyed it...but wished we would have had a little more relaxation time. We went with my mom & stepdad, and there was A LOT of shopping involved! Too much shopping! We only went to the beach about 3 times out of the 5 1/2 days we were there. :( I do love to go to the outlets and check out the good deals...but I really got burnt out this time. I've been talking with a friend about the Outer Banks (we've never been), and it's made me really want to go there on our next trip to the beach. So...we will see! Anyways, on to the pictures...

My parents always stop at the Cracker Barrel on their way to the beach. It's sort of a family tradition for them..haha. We met them there (they had the kids) because I had to work the previous night and thought we would be on the road a few hours after them. It turns out they were running we caught up with them in Greensboro. We enjoy looking at all of the things in the store. The kids always enjoy the oversized checker board game. :)

Here we go!

Ok, this picture is totally out of order. ANYWAYS, I had the bright idea to spend a few hours one of our days driving to Kure beach to visit the aquarium. We've been to the Ripley's in Myrtle Beach...but it's way overpriced and a lot of fuss. I figured we would enjoy the drive, and visit a more low key Aquarium that had great reviews. Well, my stepdad suggested that we take the Ferry across and that sounded like a great idea. It turned out to be an ALL DAY deal. We drove 1.5 hrs to the Ferry, and had to wait for the Ferry for an hour. By the time we got on the Ferry, everyone was already a little bummed. I do not like being on boats at all, especially having my kids on one. For those that don't know me too well, I have an EXTREME fear of my kids in water. I can swim really well, but for some reason, I get really close to having a heart attack each time one of my kids go near the water. Not so much in a kiddie pool (ankle deep)...but anything deeper and I'm losing it! I know! I know! It's terrible...but I can' t overcome don't start in on me. Haha...I don't see them being Olympic swimmers in the future with the fear that I have instilled in them. So, as you can imagine the Ferry was a nightmare. I stayed in the car and I about had a stroke just taking the picture of Gracie on the side of the boat with her grandparents. So glad that is over! I know better next time! :)

This was a shot of everyone waiting on the Ferry. They had a store there...but it was filled with absolutely boring things. Maps, pencils, postcards, all with the Ferry System's name on it. If someone was smart enough, they could make a lot of money off of that store. Hundreds of people were there waiting on the ferry and I'm sure they would have enjoyed seeing some cute things in the store to buy!

I just love this picture of Jai! :)

Once we arrived at the aquarium, we got a few mediocre shots of some of the animals. The aquarium was a bit of a disappointment also so that didn't make the trip any more enjoyable.

And onto the beach pictures...sorry these are sideways. :(

Lots of blurry shots too! :( I need a new camera!

Silly PawPaw!

Paul, enjoying the waves!

My mom enjoying her "sales" book. My mom used to be a beach bum! She would be on the beach from the time the sun came up...until we dragged her in at night. Boy has things changed. We could barely drag her out there for an hour. She kept saying that she needed to get home to go to work. I think it's kind of sad that you can't enjoy a vacation from having work on your mind. Life is too short for that Mom!

I buried Gracie in the sand. She enjoyed it for about 5 min. She couldn't stand the feeling of having the sand all over her...haha.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding bells...

Today was our good friends Erik Stephens & Stacey Bauer's wedding. We had a great time and I thought I would share with all of you! Congrats Erik & Stacey...we are so happy for you guys! :)

Here we go! The wedding was in Pilot Mountain at a really cute place called Rosa Lee Manor. I wish I would've taken a couple of pictures of the was beautiful!

The bride was absolutely beautiful, of course!

The groomsmen were on our I didn't get a good shot of the pretty ladies...although I don't think we know any of them anyways.

My camera was taking horrible pictures from afar...but I thought this moment was pretty sweet!

The happy couple!

awww...we just love them. They make a great couple! <3

The place was decorated so cute! I loved all of the details...and I know Stacey worked very hard on all of these little touches. You did a great job Stacey...and I know you are happy that it's over. :)

These were at each setting...pretty sweet!


The wedding party...

First dance...

Crazy boys...

Sparkling Grape Juice...the only way to go!

The best vegan cake I have ever tasted...

Gracie, breaking it down...

Jai, standing back in corner and watching all of the ladies break it down...haha. Isn't it funny how women always dance with one arm in the air?! So strange...

Haha! Here is Jai trying to figure out if someone was in there or not. It was pretty cute!