Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pineapple plant.

The hubs came home with this cute little thing today! 

Praying that I don't kill it. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gracie's New Room.

For Gracie's 12th birthday we decided to give her the "master". Given that our house is about 90 years old, the master bedrooms are still pretty small. However, it is still the biggest in the house...and the cherry on top is that she isn't sharing one with her brother anymore. 

Our biggest problem in our household is organization. Nothing has a place. It's basically...put it back where ever you want to. I've always been that way and my kids have unfortunately inherited that trait. Paul on the other hand, can't stand it. He wants everything to have a place and that's completely understandable. I get it. I'm really trying to turn a new leaf to make ALL of us enjoy and appreciate our home more...and with that will come more time to spend together instead of constantly battling our un-organized home. 

Am I boring you yet? 

Moving on...

So, we moved our belongings out and into the dining room (fun), and this was what we started with. It was nice and relaxing for us and I love deep, darker colors. This doesn't work so well with a young lady though...and it needed an upgrade. We still had the ceiling panels (with lovely bead board underneath), yucky ceiling fan, and small closet. 

( I will later add a progress of how each step happened, etc. In the 
meantime, we are skipping all of that to see the final product.)

Now, for the details. :) 

I gave her room an older feel, something that will grow with her. I wanted to do tons, tons, tons of vintage/antique but I promised her that I would minimize it so that it would be more on her level and she could appreciate it. 

I was able to contain all of her daily skincare/toiletry items in this cute little box. 

She has always collected rocks, and has a huge stockpile. However, they have always been collecting dust in the back of her closet. I picked up a cheap vase and a dish to display them for her. Quick, easy and meaningful decor. 

Another thing she is crazy about is her stuffed animals. They are always EVERYWHERE. Behind the bed, beside of the bed, under the bed, in the closet...you get the point. I picked out a FEW of her favorites and hung them in this cute tiered basket. It added a nice pop of color and it's out of the way. 

Throughout the room, I added a few vintage accents that she loves! I was so pleased that she appreciated the extra touches. 

I didn't get many good closet shots...oops! 

We added a series of hooks in her closet that holds necklaces, bracelets, purses and hats. 

I had originally planned for this plate wall to be more plentiful. Some of the plates are too small for the plate hangers and I am going to have to MacGyver a way to hang them. I will be adding more to the wall to add more color. This was one area that wasn't quite complete. 

*Shout out to the hubs for making that wall happen!

These are the beautiful small ones that have yet to be put up. 

The wallpaper and most perfect bee pillow! 

The desk! I covered the top with old road maps for an extra touch. 

I literally made a place for everything! Her cards are all contained nicely in this old basket. 

Her books. 
My daughter...the lover of all books. 

Originally her book collection got so out of control that I took out her bookcase. It was unbelievable how cluttered, disorganized and messy it had become. I limited her to a small amount (approx. 30) books in a small nightstand. 

So, I decided to give her a bookcase back with the hopes of her appreciating this new area and taking care of it. 

I was in for a surprise when I found a hoard stash of books in her closet. This end result shows the total of books that she actually had. Honestly though...it makes my heart so happy that her passion is books. I can't describe her excitement and love for them. It's amazing. 

This little nightstand was once part of a vanity. A lot of vanities have been taken apart from their middle section and repurposed in this way. My dad (also a junker) found this cutie at Goodwill for $8. It was black, gold and white. I repainted it and it fits nicely alongside her bed and doesn't take up much room. It is even on casters....aah. 

Her bedside light was given to her by my Mom. She adores this lamp. 

I reused our old curtain rods and her old curtains. I painted them gray to match other accents in the room, and that pulled everything together more. 

We repainted an old frame and added wiring so that she can display artwork, photos, etc. 


Our house once had wood stoves throughout and I love the old covers. Paul once wanted to take them down but I love the character they add. Instant, free wall art. :) 

I found this hand stitched needlepoint chair at Goodwill for $5!! I painted the wood, added new trimming and it's gorgeous. 

That's it! Hope you loved the tour. :)