Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family in town...

A few weeks ago, my lovely sister in law Rita, and my nephews Desmond and Christian came to visit from Richmond. It's not often that we get to see them, so it was a treat. We decided to go to the Greensboro Children's Museum on the day that they left. It was so much fun. We had not been there since Gracie was about 2 or so, and it is so much nicer than the one here in Winston Salem. 
The kiddos loved this airplane. They were able to sit in the cockpit and pretend they were flying it. 

This train was so awesome. 

We were happy that sweet Nydia was able to join us. Nydia is Desmond's (top left) sister. :)

Dark, but cute picture of Rita and Nydia.

My sweet Gracie.

The 'Post Office' was so cute. They could weigh and mail boxes, etc. 

...and in the newsroom, they could pretend like news anchors and actually be on the screen. 

This little lego room was awesome! 

My boys!! :)

...back to the train.

...and that man in the left corner is Chris Daughtry. I am not a fan of his music, but it was interesting seeing him at the museum. My mom loves him, and thinks he is the hottest I tried to snap a couple of pictures of him without looking like paparazzi. No one approached him, so it seemed like he was able to enjoy a nice day with his kids without being recognized. I was impressed that he was changing both of his kids diapers in the restroom, while his wife relaxed. Pretty humorous that the first time I saw him, was him coming out of the bathroom passing one clean kid off to mother, while picking up the other..haha.
So, mom...these are for you. You'll be proud that your grandson played with his kids for a few moments.

Conductor Jai. 

We had an AWESOME time!! So glad we were able to spend time with them, and have fun at a new place. Next week, we are going to visit in Richmond and meet Paul's sister Lisa for the first time. Well, not Paul's first time, but ours. Can't wait!!! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Xmas 2011!

Christmas 2011 snuck up on us fast this year. It felt like we hardly had time to get into the spirit of the Holidays, and it was here. On Xmas eve, we made some reindeer food for the kiddos to spread outside, as we do every year. They always love doing this! 

Yes, our yard was still covered in leaves. Shame!

These are cute little additions to our Christmas decor. Aren't they adorable?!

Treats for Santa!

We all snuddled up to watch one last Holiday Movie. :)

Santa came!! 
They both got exactly what they asked for! 
Jai got the tool set, and Gracie got a scrapbook set.

haha...she was SO excited! 

Jai was excited as well, but was still in his sleep slumber. 

Forcing a smile, because I don't think he realized yet at this point what was actually going on. 

Now he's awake! And to quote him..."wow...a batman cape?! How cool is that?" 
I almost cried. I handmade each of the kids something special, and this was that gift for Jai. He couldn't have been more happy. He loved it! :)

This is Gracie's pillow that I made her! She sleeps with it every night. :)
(Better pictures at end of post)

Jai is into super hero stuff right now. He loves them all! 

His pillow pet that he asked for...I don't think he has used it once since he opened it. Oh well. 

And her big present...her Nook! She was shocked that she got this. We did a good job of hiding it from her, and making her think that we didn't get it. She was so stoked!

Bath and Body works goodies!

I made this for Paul. 
I think he likes it...although it still hasn't been hung. :(

These are some close up pictures of the pillow that I made Grace...

...and a Willy Wonka ornament that I made for Paul.