Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally made it to December...

I can't believe that it has taken me this long to blog our early December Annual Tree Farm trip. These days, I have added school to my already busy schedule
As you all know, we take an annual trip to 'kill' my mom and stepdad's xmas tree. ;0) I had to put that in there...haha. 
This year we found a new place, and had a blast. It was called...wait for it...Papa Goat's. Love it.
The people that owned it were so friendly, they had lots of free games and activities, free hot cocoa and marshmallows (for those that eat those), a campfire, and some cute ducklings. 

The kiddos loved playing this game. I forget the name of it, but apparently it's popular. Corn hole or something...weird name. Anyways, they played this for a bit while we waited on the next tractor to pick us up and take us up the hill to pick out the perfect know, the one that the lights from heaven shine down on. Yep, that's the one we're looking for. 

Lovely ladies! :)

...and that dapper Jai. We teased that he looked like the little bully from 'A Christmas Story'. haha. 

time to go...

...and the hunt is on.

It's hard picking a tree when there is 10 of us! My mom especially wants the most full, perfect height, moisturized, tree that she can find. We have standards, ya know!

 "This one's perfect!! Oh, it's too tall". "I found it, this one's it!! Oh, it has a big hole in the side". "Everybody come here, oh's too short". 

This went on for about an hour, it felt like.

So, Larry was getting a little aggravated. He usually gets that way on these trips. haha. We love him anyways. 

So, eventually everyone headed to the bottom to rest, and left the job to us. I found it. Yes, the one who feels as though these poor trees are murdered and then thrown out on the curb when the special event is over...was the one to find it. It's quite sad actually. 


So we waited for the men to cut it down, and load it up..and haul our crew back down the hill. 

They had a cute play area for the kids. 

...and they roasted marshmallows.

It was another successful 'Griswolds-esque' family tree farm adventure. Can't wait for next year! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

'O Krishna's Tree! :)

Time to decorate! Wow, time flies. Can't believe it's Christmas time already. We brought down the tree and all decorations from the attic, and it made me sick. Seriously, I was fine one minute...and the next I was out on the couch and my head felt like it was the size of a watermelon. Dust is no joke when it comes to my sinuses. We had planned on going to the Rural Hall parade that day, and my mom and Larry were nice enough to come and take the kiddos. I slept for a good hour to try to rest it off. Bummer!! I was a tad better that night, so we were able to decorate the tree and some of the house.

This year, my kids favorite thing to do was watch a Holiday movie and drink some hot cocoa. They did this A LOT! :)

The finished product...well almost! We had to wait for Paul to get home to put the star on the top! :)

The also wrote their Santa notes. Jai asked for tools. 

...and Grace asked for a typewriter or scrapbook. :)

I learned how to make felt roses, and made this wreath. Isn't it cute?!

...and a little peppermint wreath. It looked MUCH cuter in the magazine. Oh well...
 I also made one of buttons for my friend Allison, but I don't have a picture handy for that one. It was pretty cute!

This is the Christmas tree that I made for my mom. 

I was trying to start with some new traditions this year for the kids, but I didn't do a good job with that. It seems like everyone had a great time with the Shelf Elf. I may do that next year. I couldn't find my vintage elves this year...and that made me sad. They are around here somewhere. I really need to find them! 
Do you have any fun traditions that you do each year? 

Out with the old...

I'm sure you guys remember that we were painting our living room. This was the old picture...

...and here is the new!! We love it so much! It's very simple! I am working on sewing some new curtains with fabric that I bought at Ikea yesterday. We will probably add a few things here and there...but I really like it simple! 

It's amazing what a little paint can do! Hope you like it! :)